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OKAY guys, lets go :D PLots plots? Anyone?

May 6

Everyone like this who is going to be around once summer rolls in!

If anyone is in the boston area- please stay safe!

The main dangerous suspect of the Boston Marathon Bombing attends the college I go to, and this morning we were told school was cancelled and then two hours later given the order to evacuate- I am FINALLY home and safe. When I was leaving there were 12 SWAT trucks and I saw a 50 caliber rifle on top of an armored car…

If anyone here lives in the boston area stay safe! Please.

xx Kelly

Mar 9

Everyone follow Scarlet Witch!

Mar 9

Hi i would be interested to apply as spiderman since I saw your current one is not active for the past two month and i just saw the movie and ir eally want to get torping in your group.


All I can say is, send in the app

Mar 9


1- Your real name: Raven

2- Personal tumblr URL (optional):

3- Time zone & where you are from: eastern

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Mar 7

Character submissions always welcome!

Don’t be afraid to just apply! We have a whole list of open characters (including Iron Man and Captain America!) That need to be taken by someone!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Mar 1

I know you are all busy!

But keep Rping everyone, even if you can only check in once a day or once every two days, please keep up the pace :)

We can keep this group alive I know it


Can I have Wanda/Scarlet witch on reserve.


Yes you can!

Steve Rogers/ Captain America Now Open!

Please Unfollow Stever Rogers/ Captain America

Tony Stark/Iron Man Now Open!

Please Unfollow Tony Stark

Still Accepting New Players!

Hi Marvel Rpers out there! The Marvel World United RP is still looking for members! Check out our OPEN CHARACTERS link!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Everyone follow (and welcome) Emma Frost!